On Fri, Sep 01, 2006 at 01:54:24PM +0200, Martin Möller wrote:
> Does anybody know, why the FreeBSD developers decided to use sendmail as
> the standard MTA? Has there been a discussion about it and where could I
> find information about it?

Historical reasons mainly.  Sendmail was originally developed on BSD and
shipped with BSD at least since 4.2BSD (which was released in 1986, several
years before the FreeBSD project was created.)

The FreeBSD developers simply kept using what was already in the source tree
since there were no overriding reason not to.

There has been discussions from time to time about replacing Sendmail with
some other MTA but the general opinion seems to be that Sendmail works well
enough and that changing the standard MTA would be too disruptive for too
many people.

For those people who prefer to use some other MTA it is not difficult to
install one from ports and use it instead of Sendmail. 

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Erik Trulsson
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