> i have an ML6000 (no floppy) and have downloaded
> the 4.11 mini-iso image, and burned it to a CD-RW.
> CPU: VIA C3 Nehemiah (666.55-MHz 686-class CPU)
> after rebooting, the CD is found, and a boot
> attempt is made.  within 5 seconds, the kernel
> locks up after about 3 seconds of the
> kernel data+234238 text+23432 stuff and the
> /-\|/-\ twirling prompt, leaving a "/" as the
> first character on the next line.
> the ISO is the exact size it should be, and
> i could "gzip -t mfsroot.gz" in the /boot
> directory without error - so i guess it's
> a good image.  i am running 4.10 currently,
> and have no boot problems off the hard drive.
> any ideas as to what could cause this lock-up
> at boot time?  i thought the ISO's are made with
> the mkisofs --no-emul-boot, yet the CD is recognized
> as a 2.88 floppy, and boots 0:fd(0,a)/boot/loader.
> i never booted off CD's before, and don't know
> what i should expect exactly.

I have the same board, and it booted 6.1 just fine from CD.  If I
understand correctly, you're saying that it also booted 4.10 fine
from CD.  In that case, my first suspicion would be your particular
CD.  If you want to test the downloaded image, use checksums; the
tests you did are too haphazard to give full confidence.

Note that CD booting techniques have changed a few times over the
years as the standards have changed.
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