On Friday 01 September 2006 13:41, RW wrote:
> On Friday 01 September 2006 08:30, Pete Slagle wrote:
> > RW wrote:
> > > Has anyone got this working?  If you just run the binary it opens and
> > > can be be configured to read an imap  mailbox, but a lot of the error
> > > and warning pop-up boxes are missing text and buttons. There are
> > > probably other problems, but without the error messages it's hard to
> > > say.
> >
> > Is this relevant?
> Not any more, but that wiki entry was created several hours after I posted.

Sorry, I thought you were questioning the relevance to FreeBSD (since the 
problem exists in Linux too), but on reflection I see you were asking if the 
link is relevant.

> > http://trac.mulberrymail.com/mulberry/wiki/linuxproblems
> That fixed the problems with text. I hope a proper package can be made out
> of this - having installed files and user data under ~/.mulberry would be a
> pain to maintain.

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