On Fri, Sep 01, 2006 at 12:18:41PM -0600, Miguel wrote:
> Hi, my cgi scripts doesnt work in 6.1, and i dont see any entry about
> mod_perl in httpd.conf, how do i enable it?

You don't actually need mod_perl to run CGI scripts, but okay. 

If you want mod_perl try installing it, depending on your version of
Apache you should use /usr/ports/www/mod_perl or mod_perl2. After
installation, you'll get hints on what LoadModule and other directives
you'll need to put in your httpd.conf file. In my case, it's:

LoadModule perl_module libexec/apache22/mod_perl.so

More about mod_perl can be found here:


To use CGI scripts, you'll just have to enable the CGI module (it's
probaby on by default) and add a handler for .cgi files (oh and allow
Execution of scripts on the locations where you've put them). This isn't
anything 6.1 specific, it will work like this on any version...

LoadModule cgi_module libexec/apache22/mod_cgi.so
AddHandler cgi-script .cgi
(Followed by any ExecCGI and ScriptAlias directives you might need...)

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