The answer is yes it can be done. Which one is better depends on which cisco
model you compare with and what hardware you are going to use to run FreeBSD
with what features. As well as your knowledge of FreeBSD admin/network
config. As mentioned before you may be expected to compile a custom kernel
to best handle your setup.

Consider -
Are you building this for internal use or as a resell product? What is your
FreeBSD/network knowledge level? Do you feel a little overwhelmed at the
prospect of installing/configuring/supporting the router yourself?  How much
downtime is tolerable as you learn/find the solution to problems along the

An example -

I am located in Adelaide, Australia and there is a company here that has
been around for several years mainly providing network related support, they
sell their own network appliances built from FreeBSD and some custom
software that features router, firewall, dmz, vpn, proxy cache, spam filter,
network monitoring, CF boot disks.
(they can configure/support cisco equipment that you may have installed and
I think will sell it to you if you want it but push their products instead
of cisco gear)

Products range depending on needs but generally the head office may have a
P4 rackmount case with a few network cards (offering load sharing across
multiple ADSL connections) and a small home/branch office may get a mini-atx
700Mhz VIA chip unit with 1 or 2 network interfaces. Individual pc's (as
well as handheld devices) can also connect straight to the vpn as well if
that is sufficient for the needs.

Most offices would connect with ADSL these days with an option of direct
ISDN connection to HO as backup when ADSL is unavailable. Setup as automatic
fallover when needed.

Australia wide support is provided from the local office with remote offices
being setup with modem dialup to allow console access by directly dialling
into the appliances in case internet or vpn functionality is not working.

Those sort of options would account for a high priced cisco setup that could
allow a decent profit margin/cost saving between hardware cost and complete
product. With simpler needs the cost difference would be a lot closer.

To setup and maintain this setup would need a good knowledge base to ensure
sufficient support/maintenance.

There are a few options available for pre-built FreeBSD firewall setups
which could make it worthwhile for you
- I would have said but the site doesn't seem to be
running at the moment (maybe temporary) another is
I have come across a few other projects over time but haven't really looked
at any in great detail and can't seem to find any other bookmarks.

On 30/8/2006 10:43, "rithy4u- CEO" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Dear all,
> I want to know, between Cisco Router and a compiled of FreeBSD Router which
> one is better? Is it posible to build a Router Appliance on FreeBSD instead of
> using ISO of Cisco?
> Richard Ben, CIO



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