On Wed, Aug 30, 2006 at 10:08:04AM +0100, Howard Jones wrote:
> > If your DVD player can't play mp3s, then it can't play DVDs. ;)
> > Remember, mp3s are the audio layer of mpegs. And DVD videos consist of
> > mpegs. 
> For a DVD-Video disc, the audio formats are PCM (plain old wav,
> effectively), AC-3 (dolby digital) and MPEG-1 Audio Layer II (only).
> A lot of DVD players will also play MP3s, either on data CDs or data
> DVDs (or both), but it isn't a requirement as far as I can tell. The
> choices seem pretty arbitrary too. My Pioneer player will play a DVD-R
> full of MP3s, but the replacement model will only play MP3 CD-Rs (and
> you have to read the fine print in the manual to figure it out, too). It
> seems that a lot of DivX-playing DVD players only play CDs of DivX, not
> DVDs too (Toshiba, Pioneer again).
> That's why I was fiddling around with MP2 and minimal video - it's an
> actual standard DVD then. Although in fact I made an NTSC disc with MP2,
> which is apparently a no-no.
> My source was for the audio info was:
> http://stream.uen.org/medsol/dvd/pages/dvd_format_audio4DVDvideo.html

        Great URL.  If you or anybody else has any other audio type
        pages, please do post them. (Time I caught up to the 20th
        century. :-|)

        A related area is the brand new 'mp4' or 'aacplus' format.  I
        don't care much how good the audio quality is most of the tme.
        But I've listed to sites that play 24k mp3 and 24k aacplus, and
        the difference is significant.  For voice, it's a dontcare.
        But for music, bigdifference.


> Howie

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