Hello Richard,

 I have been using FreeBSD since 1998 and never had to use cisco,
 Freebsd has a great builtin features,
I'm Using Freebsd for a hotspotlogin, with no external servers from anykind,
 Its my radius, router, ipfw, internetspot login, NAT and port directions.

Also i have 2 additional servers in two diffrent locations each has its own bzns, running
 DNS, email services, hosting, and hundreds of other services.

Since i knew FreeBSD i never had to touch any cisco or any other creatures in general.
 except a HUB and some cables. :)

 I dunt know if you still need Cisco router or anyother machines,
 maybe as some gurus here wrote, depends on your needs.

 best of luck.
 and take a look on FreeBSD handbook, on www.freebsd.org
maybe you will find the part you are looking for in routing or cisco that freebsd will do.

 best of luck

 Marwan Sultan

Dear all,

I want to know, between Cisco Router and a compiled of FreeBSD Router which one is better? Is it posible to build a Router Appliance on FreeBSD instead of using ISO of Cisco?

  Richard Ben, CIO

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