Gary Kline wrote:
        I finally realized why I couldn't change the solid-color bg
with xpaint. The bucket [icon] is missing; the documentation doesn't reflect this... But *anyway*, to other things-graphic.

With gimp, is it possible to create polygons? How about a 5-pointed star? Or 6- or 7-pointed star? I have found some images of what I'm looking for thru Google/images, but the
        bavkgrounf is not solid for some images, &c.  Also, it is
        possible to join two or three (already-drawn, on-disk) images
        with gimp?  I'm thinking of a circle surrounding a hexagon
surrounding a square, e.g. --Part of this is just-for-fun curiosity before I get back to my studies; part of it is to try to create designs
        for my jottings pages.

        thanks for any insights,


Wondered this myself. The first Google result on 'polygons gimp' returned the GFig component accessed via filters->render->gfig. Made a 6 pointed star inside a circle inside a square in seconds. For joining images you may need to read up on the gimp. Specifically copy, paste, layers, transparency, masks, and canvas sizes are just some of the basics that you might have to deal with.

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