Keith Phipps writes:
Good Day, My name is Keith and I"ve just been promoted to our Unix SysAdmin at work. I'll be working with a team of guys in the Ops department but the majority are Windows Admins. I'm not completely lost when it comes to using *nix, I use it as my Desktop and know Slackware and Ubuntu fairly well. I've installed FreeBSD a few times on servers, but that's about the extent of my server knoweledge and BSD.

My questions really come down to this; I'll be working with 4.x and 6.1 boxes. Are there any global issues with them I should be concerned about, something you guys as admins have to deal with regularly. The boss also said something that confused me, said I'd need to make the builds and compile php, perl, and mysql into the Kernel. I've never done much Kernel work (much, lets start with any) but it's always been my understanding that with BSD if I wanted to install PHP, PERL, and MySQL on a box, I'd just pkg_add it. I've never heard of it actually being compiled in the kernel.

You are are right in the case on those utilities.   They do not
go in the kernel.
Right now my biggest resources have to be google and the O'Reilly book "Essential Sys. Admin." but I'd like to have a reference guide more suited to only the FreeBSD platform. Any recommendations on this as well?

The FreeBSD handbook online and hopefully installed is your
best bet. ////jerry

   Thanks for your time,
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