I am trying to figure out which would be best, to load all the device
drivers through compiling them into the kernel or to load them at boot
through loader.conf.

I would think that loader.conf would be more convenient as changing hardware
wuld not require a rebuild of the kernel. Is there a draw back to loading
devices this way other than a longer boot up time (which should not be an
issue as the system is 24-7)?

I have also heard that loading modules through the loader.conf saves on RAM
performance as the module in question is not loaded into memory until it is
used as opposed to being loaded with the kernel. If this makes no sense, i
appologize. I remember reading it somewhere on a mailing list several years
ago and can't find the reference anymore. From memory it stated modules such
as cd9660 could be loaded through entering CD9660_load="YES" in
loader.confand that it would not be used in memory until a cd was
mounted. I am
assuming this is true (if it is) for other modules as well. Is any of these
making sense or am I completely off?


David Wassman
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