Trying adding this   enable dns    to your ppp.conf  file.

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Subject: Having trouble getting ppp configured on my 6.1 box

Hello everyone,

I had to blow away my 6.0 installation and simply install 6.1 release.  I
found out that I would have to update my ports manually and since I don't
have high speed access to the Internet, this just wasn't feasible.

So, after installing (which went smoothly) I'm getting everything working.
I remembered all my configuration files, or so I thought, except for the
ppp.conf file that I was using.  I remember having this problem when I
installed 6.0 but unfortunately, I can't remember how to fix it.  This is
really embarrasing.

ppp works and all, but I can't resolve any DNS hostnames.  Everytime I try,
I get something like "no address associated to the name."  Or something
similar.  Sorry, I'm writing this mail from the Windows OS (one computer
shares the two OS's) and I don't recall the error exactly but that's
basically it.

I was reading through the handbook and the ppp manual page and have tried a
few different things, but haven't gotten it to work as yet.  I called my ISP
to get the nameserver addresses to put in /etc/resolv.conf, and have
confirmed that with "enable dns" in ppp that ppp is updating the
resolv.conffile.  However, I'm still unable to resolve DNS hostnames.

What's the magic that I must perform to make this work?

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