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Two mornings ago I was feeling pretty good. I had downloaded and
burnt to disc freebsd, pcbsd and also desktopbsd. But not now

        Having 21 computers here I figured I would finally be rid of
MSwindows, and have a complete LAN system that was more reliable.

Why would you want to make things reliable? With Windows your career is secure knowing you will have to be kept around to keep them running. Microsoft cleverly backs a certification program to make sure its graduates never recommend anything other than what they have been "trained".

Seven computers I have tried with all three BSDs and not one of them managed to produce a working network connection. The only thing I achieved was that now I can almost visualise every screen from the installations.

Start by forgetting about the installation screens. They are only there to get the most basic things running well enough to get the system installed on disk(s). After one is running from the installed image one almost never returns to sysinstall.

ifconfig(8) is probably the most important tool, from command line, that you need to diagnose network configuration and ultimately configure the connection. ping(8) is equally useful.

If you have a DHCP server the machine is to use then as root where fxp0 is my NIC:

# dhclient fxp0

If that works then /etc/rc.conf needs this line:


If your machine's address is static then this sets on a /24 net:


If you have run sysconfig multiple times then you likely have conflicting replications in /etc/rc.conf (only the last reference applies). Manually edit and reconcile the differences.

I am baffled by how anyone is able to get a bsd networked system
working.  I guess I just have to stick with a windowsOS.

OK, no skin off my nose. Your problem solving skills are terrible. When (supposedly?) looking for help you do nothing but complain without saying anything specific about what wasn't working or the hardware involved. I highly recommend Microsoft products to people such as yourself.

Whom computers would destroy, they must first drive mad.

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