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> >
> >         Having 21 computers here I figured I would
> finally be rid of
> > MSwindows, and have a complete LAN system that was
> more reliable.
> Why would you want to make things reliable? With
> Windows your career  
> is secure knowing you will have to be kept around to
> keep them  
> running. Microsoft cleverly backs a certification
> program to make  
> sure its graduates never recommend anything other
> than what they have  
> been "trained".

Not-MSCE certified thought; use OS/2 Microsoft's copy
was corrupted after the portsnap....
> >         Seven computers I have tried with all
> three BSDs and not  
> > one of them
> > managed to produce a working network connection.

did you plug them in? if these computers are HP's
(Kayaks) with a scsi controller with a ethernet port
on the controller then you might be sol out of the
gate. FreeBSD Rel_5 never supported them for me Rel_6
does. I know pcBSD uses rel_6 I know desktopbsd use
rel_5. Although outside these obscure cases I have not
found a modern PC with a card FreeBSD didn't support
when I booted it up. it seems like most things I find
are MII bus based.

> The only thing I  
> > achieved
> > was that now I can almost visualise every screen
> from the  
> > installations.
> Start by forgetting about the installation screens.
> They are only  
> there to get the most basic things running well
> enough to get the  
> system installed on disk(s). After one is running
> from the installed  
> image one almost never returns to sysinstall.
> ifconfig(8) is probably the most important tool,
> from command line,  
> that you need to diagnose network configuration and
> ultimately  
> configure the connection. ping(8) is equally useful.
> If you have a DHCP server the machine is to use then
> as root where  
> fxp0 is my NIC:
> # dhclient fxp0
> If that works then /etc/rc.conf needs this line:
> ifconfig_fxp0="DHCP"
> If your machine's address is static then this sets
> on  
> a /24 net:
> ifconfig_fxp0="inet"
> If you have run sysconfig multiple times then you
> likely have  
> conflicting replications in /etc/rc.conf (only the
> last reference  
> applies). Manually edit and reconcile the
> differences.
> >         I am baffled by how anyone is able to get
> a bsd networked  
> > system
> > working.  I guess I just have to stick with a
> windowsOS.

someone must have; you're on the internet talking to
us. its too bad you can only use NetBIOS/Netbuie(gave
up trying to spell that)/SMB on that there windows
network. I mean who would have ever thought of coming
up with a TCP/IP reference specification... 

> OK, no skin off my nose. Your problem solving skills
> are terrible.  
> When (supposedly?) looking for help you do nothing
> but complain  
> without saying anything specific about what wasn't
> working or the  
> hardware involved. I highly recommend Microsoft
> products to people  
> such as yourself.

MCSE comment(sort of):because microsoft is so much
stabler, and network friendly, with full POSIX
compliance..., an ActiveViri component integrated into
their full international standards compliant Web

I've generally had more trouble setting up windows
networks then anything BSD/GNU. Nothing more fun then
having a 5 year old NIC that is supported in
everything but Windows 2000. Makes connecting to the
internet to download the driver a lot of fun. *BSD can
be intimidating to some because you have full control,
which can be good and very bad at times. some people
like to drive their pretty lamborginis that their
daddies bought em. some like to tweak a frame and
engine with all the simple tools they have in their
garage so they can take that "poor" kids pink slip.

of course some like to be told what to do, and that
they must install this browser they do not use or
want, a java system that violates US Patent Law, and
if they tweak the install scripts to stop this;
"...Windows Has detected the configuration files have
been modified..."

> --
> Whom computers would destroy, they must first drive
> mad.

some people just want an excuse to stick with windows;
I'm coo-coo for coco puffs myself.

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