On Sep 2, 2006, at 11:15 PM, Noah wrote:

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On Sep 2, 2006, at 11:09 PM, Noah wrote:

Chad Leigh -- Shire.Net LLC wrote:

On Sep 2, 2006, at 10:59 PM, Noah wrote:

Hi there,

might somebody recommend a good way to migrate user and web files to our new server?


tar and scp work well for me

okay might you recommend a good command structure?

Sorry I am dense but I just tar up whatever directories (user, web, whatever) and then use scp to copy them to the new server where I use tar to undue them. I don't quite understand your question

man tar
man scp

% tar cpf archive.tar <userdir>
scp over
% tar xpf archive.tar

there are cooler ways of doing this. there will be people on this list that know what I am talking about. I will await their responses.

things like rdiff-backup could be useful since I can prep everything and periodically move things over and then on a flag day switch the IPs.

Well, if you want to make it complicated etc you can.

If you don't want to migrate all at once, yes, there are other ways of doing that. That was not specified.

I would just stay up late one night and tar it all over and get it over with. KISS.

good luck!
best regards

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