Gary Kline wrote:

>       fixit mode.   What I really want is to get the data files off
>       and over to another servr.  Havng /etc/* and maybe /var/db/pkg/*
>       would be a big help.  Then I could reinstall 5.3  ->5.5 and
>       finally over to 6.1.

Why go via 5.5 if you're upgrading by installing a new system on the
machine?  Just go straight to 6.1.

Stuff you should backup before doing that:

    /etc             --- absolutely vital
    /usr/local/etc   --- ditto: most people have put hours of work into
                         port configuration files which would be painful
                         to have to recreate.
    /var             --- lots of programs keep their state in files in
                         /var, not to mention stuff like MYSQL DB files.
    /home or /usr/home - depending on how your disk is laid out.

Other stuff you might need to backup:

    /usr/local/www   --- if you run web sites of this machine
                     --- if you've customised stuff under there

                     --- these two should be mostly for reference as
                         their contents have changed significantly with
                         changes to the system.
                     ---  only if you run net-snmpd: for some reason it
                          keeps its config files here instead of under

That covers all of the locations I know of where hand customised files
can generally be found (on machines I admin, at least).  Everything else
should be replacable by running a 'make world' cycle or by using the ports.
No doubt other people do things differently, so will have a slightly different



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