I'm building a replacement machine for a long serving workstation
that finally died a hardware death.

I've built a new machine updated to 6 CURRENT, and installed the
KDE metaport. I have a customize XTerm application defaults
file from a backup of the old machine. However, I can't seem to get
xterm to honor it. I'm running xterm from teh menu bar in KDE
with alauncher, and the -ls command line option. 

I use ksh, and I have my .profile set up to set the following
environment variable:


In /home/stan/.x11/app-defaults I have a file name XTerm that
looks like this:

XTerm*scrollBar:                        True
XTerm*saveLines:                        2048
XTerm*ttyModes:                erase ^H intr ^C quit ^\ kill ^U start ^Q stop 
^S swtch ^@ susp ^Z

XTerm*SimpleMenu*BackingStore:          NotUseful
XTerm*SimpleMenu*menuLabel.vertSpace:   100
XTerm*SimpleMenu*HorizontalMargins:     16
XTerm*SimpleMenu*Sme.height:            16

XTerm*SimpleMenu*Cursor:                left_ptr
XTerm*SimpleMenu.background:    gray75
XTerm*SimpleMenu.foreground:    Black
XTerm*mainMenu.Label:                   Main Options
XTerm*mainMenu*Foreground:                      Black
XTerm*mainMenu*Background:                      gray75
XTerm*mainMenu*securekbd*Label:         Secure Keyboard
XTerm*mainMenu*allowsends*Label:        Allow SendEvents
XTerm*mainMenu*logging*Label:           Log to File
XTerm*mainMenu*redraw*Label:            Redraw Window
XTerm*mainMenu*suspend*Label:           Send STOP Signal
XTerm*mainMenu*continue*Label:          Send CONT Signal
XTerm*mainMenu*interrupt*Label:         Send INT Signal
XTerm*mainMenu*hangup*Label:            Send HUP Signal
XTerm*mainMenu*terminate*Label:         Send TERM Signal
XTerm*mainMenu*kill*Label:              Send KILL Signal
XTerm*mainMenu*quit*Label:              Quit

XTerm*vtMenu.Label:                     VT Options
XTerm*vtMenu*Foreground:                        Black
XTerm*vtMenu*Background:                        gray75
XTerm*vtMenu*scrollbar*Label:           Enable Scrollbar
XTerm*vtMenu*jumpscroll*Label:          Enable Jump Scroll
XTerm*vtMenu*reversevideo*Label:        Enable Reverse Video
XTerm*vtMenu*autowrap*Label:            Enable Auto Wraparound
XTerm*vtMenu*reversewrap*Label:         Enable Reverse Wraparound
XTerm*vtMenu*autolinefeed*Label:        Enable Auto Linefeed
XTerm*vtMenu*appcursor*Label:           Enable Application Cursor Keys
XTerm*vtMenu*appkeypad*Label:           Enable Application Keypad
XTerm*vtMenu*scrollkey*Label:           Scroll to Bottom on Key Press
XTerm*vtMenu*scrollttyoutput*Label:     Scroll to Bottom on Tty Output
XTerm*vtMenu*allow132*Label:            Allow 80/132 Column Switching
XTerm*vtMenu*cursesemul*Label:          Enable Curses Emulation
XTerm*vtMenu*visualbell*Label:          Enable Visual Bell
XTerm*vtMenu*marginbell*Label:          Enable Margin Bell
XTerm*vtMenu*altscreen*Label:           Show Alternate Screen
XTerm*vtMenu*softreset*Label:           Do Soft Reset
XTerm*vtMenu*hardreset*Label:           Do Full Reset
XTerm*vtMenu*tekshow*Label:             Show Tek Window
XTerm*vtMenu*tekmode*Label:             Switch to Tek Mode
XTerm*vtMenu*vthide*Label:              Hide VT Window

XTerm*fontMenu.Label:                   VT Fonts
XTerm*fontMenu*Foreground:                      Black
XTerm*fontMenu*Background:                      gray75
XTerm*fontMenu*fontdefault*Label:       Default
XTerm*fontMenu*font1*Label:             Tiny
XTerm*VT100*font1:                      nil2
XTerm*fontMenu*font2*Label:             Small
XTerm*VT100*font2:                      6x10
XTerm*fontMenu*font3*Label:             Medium
XTerm*VT100*font3:                      8x13
XTerm*fontMenu*font4*Label:             Large
XTerm*VT100*font4:                      9x15
XTerm*fontMenu*fontescape*Label:        Escape Sequence
XTerm*fontMenu*fontsel*Label:           Selection
!fontescape and fontsel overridden by application

XTerm*tekMenu.Label:                    Tek Options
XTerm*tekMenu*tektextlarge*Label:       Large Characters
XTerm*tekMenu*tektext2*Label:           #2 Size Characters
XTerm*tekMenu*tektext3*Label:           #3 Size Characters
XTerm*tekMenu*tektextsmall*Label:       Small Characters
XTerm*tekMenu*tekpage*Label:            PAGE
XTerm*tekMenu*tekreset*Label:           RESET
XTerm*tekMenu*tekcopy*Label:            COPY
XTerm*tekMenu*vtshow*Label:             Show VT Window
XTerm*tekMenu*vtmode*Label:             Switch to VT Mode
XTerm*tekMenu*tekhide*Label:            Hide Tek Window

XTerm*tek4014*fontLarge:                9x15
XTerm*tek4014*font2:                    8x13
XTerm*tek4014*font3:                    6x13
XTerm*tek4014*fontSmall:                6x10

XTerm*VT100.Translations:               #override Meta<KeyPress>: 

XTerm*background:                       Black
XTerm*foreground:                       Yellow
XTerm*cursorColor:                      White
XTerm*pointerColor:                     Navy

But despite that the Xterm comes up in white with black text. So,
I put the same file in  /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults, but it
still does not honor it

Can anyone sugest what I am doing wrong?

Unix is very simple, but it takes a genius to understand the simplicity.
(Dennis Ritchie)
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