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Hi guys,

I had installed FreeBSD in my schools computer systems lab, so I decided
install it at home as a dual boot with Solaris 10, already installed on
the HD.  I downloaded the images off FreeBSD.org, burned them to CD's, and
then did a post burn md5sum on them to make sure they burned
properly.  The
install seemed to go well, other than not being able to read fvwm off the
disc.  When I boot, the error I'm getting after I select FreeBSD in the
loader is that it "cant find the 'kernel'".  Just before I get the error,
says "Loading /boot/defaults/loader.conf", so naturally that's the first
place I looked after booting into single user mode with the live CD.
Strangely, I found that not only was there no /boot/defaults/loader.conf,
the /boot/defaults folder didn't even exist.  There is, however, a
/dist/boot/defaults/loader.conf.  Normally, I'd just edit the boot loader
but 1) I want to make sure something didn't go horribly wrong with the
install (I also noticed that bin and sbin in the / directory had @ signs
after them, i.e. bin@, and I wasn't sure this was normal, though I haven't
dealt with UNIX much), and 2) according to google and the online
documentation, the only way to "edit" the boot loader is to install a new

So, what should I do?  Copy the /dist/boot/defaults/loader.conf to
/boot/defaults/loader.conf?  Reinstall using the CD's I burned at school
that I know work?  Install a new boot loader and point it at

It got sent.

I've had this problem too; it appears to be a problem with the installation
program. Yes, the fix is to copy the relevant files from the CD. The best
way I've found to do that is to boot the install cd and choose the fixit

Thanks in advance for the help.

You're welcome!

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