hackmiester (Hunter Fuller) wrote:

On 3 September 2006, at 13:11, Noah wrote:

Philip Q wrote:
Noah wrote, On 4/09/06 3.58 a:
this command also meets my coolness requirements.
oldsys # tar -C /var/www -cf - . | ssh newsys tar -C /var/www -xvf -

Which is almost /exactly/ what Chad recommended to you...

kinda.  this is the syntax I was looking for.

I find it incredibly interesting that, while you REFUSE SPECIFY exactly what you want, you find it necessary to deem certain commands unacceptable! No one is going to freaking spoon feed you this stuff! What you just pasted will do basically THE SAME THING as tarring and scping it over, so what's the problem? The only difference is there is no intermediate tar file. If that's what you wanted, why can't you just SAY THAT?!

cool. it is different though. ssh and scp are quite different syntax. thank you.



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