On Thu, 17 Aug 2006, Oliver Fromme wrote:

(1)  When run for the first time, you get an error message:
: not found
That's because a few bogus spaces after the backslash in
the line containing the chmod command.  Those trailing
spaces should be removed.  I suppose I don't need to send
a PR for that.  :-)

'k, that one is/was fixed ...

(2)  Some people aborted the inital "sleep 900" (because
of the above-mentioned error message, or other reasons),
then restarted the script.  In this case there is no sleep,
and the submission _seems_ to be successful (no negative
feedback), but it isn't.

One way to improve the situation would be to check the
mtime on the /var/db/bsdstats file.  If it's younger than
900 seconds, a sleep is required.  For example, something
like this piece of shell code (untested):

FILETIME=$( stat -f %m $id_token_file )
NOW=$( date +%s )
if [ $(( $NOW - 900 )) -le $FILETIME ]; then
       SLEEPTIME=$(( 900 - ($NOW - $FILETIME) ))
       echo "Token key is younger than 15 minutes!"
       echo "Sleeping $SLEEPTIME seconds, please wait."
       sleep $SLEEPTIME

Code tested, and committed ... thanks ...

(3)  Some sites require the use of a proxy for HTTP access.
Such sites usually have an entry in /etc/make.conf, so the
ports can fetch their distfiles:

FETCH_ENV=  FTP_PROXY=http://proxy.my.site:3128 \

The bsdstats script could easily pick up that entry and set
the environment variables appropriatly.  This line at the
beginning of the script should be sufficient:

export $( make -V FETCH_ENV 2>/dev/null )

'k, that one could be a problem, since adding that line produces:

# /usr/local/etc/periodic/monthly/300.statistics
Token key is younger than 15 minutes!
Sleeping 361 seconds, please wait.

Is there a better way of doing it that it would be silent?

(4)  Some sites have a proxy that requires authentication.
It is possible to include the password in the FETCH_ENV
entry in /etc/make.conf, but it's usually not a good idea
to do that, because you shouldn't write passwords to files
that are world-readable.

That problem could be solved in different ways.  One way
would be a periodic.conf setting that instructs the script
not to try to submit the data, but instead just print a
reminder to the admin that he should run the monthly script
manually (or print that reminder automatically when the
submission fails because the proxy denies access).
When the admin runs the script manually (which could be
detected by "test -t 0", i.e. stdin is a terminal), it
could ask for the HTTP proxy password and then set the
HTTP_PROXY_AUTH variable appropriately (see fetch(3)).

'k, this one has been brought up, and was something that I am hoping to address once I get back online properly this week ...

(5)  Some machines might not be able to access the web at
all.  For example, I'm right now working on a farm of 35
machines which don't have internet access, not even via
a proxy.  I can connect to them via ssh/scp (port 22) from
a management machine, and that management machine only has
web access via a proxy.

It would be nice to be able to request token keys on behalf
of those 35 servers from the management machine, transfer
them to the servers, run the data gathering script on the
servers (putting it into a file instead of submitting it
directyl), copy the results to the management machine and
finally submit them from there.  That's pretty complicated,
but I'm afraid I haven't gotten a better idea so far.  :-(

Actually, this is one that we have discussed, and believe we have a solution for already, I just have to sit down and code this one ...

And I think it might actually act as a way of dealing with (4) as well ...

We're goin ot have a 'use_email' setting ... what will happen is as follows:

Initial Install / Run:
Email is sent to root containing IDTOKEN= as generated by host, root forwards that to [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED] sends back KEY= value to be put in /var/db/bsdstats (manual cut-n-paste) ... script is re-run a second time, submits report values to root, root forwards that to [EMAIL PROTECTED] ...

Subsequent Runs:
Email is sent to root containing report values, root forwards that to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Now, in theory, root could have a filter on it that 'if subject = bsdstats report, auto-forward to [EMAIL PROTECTED]', but that would be totally up to the admin whether they wanted to do each report manually or not ...

(6) All of the statistics on the web page are sorted by percentages. It would be nice to be able to click on a column header and have the table sorted by that value. That would be especially useful for the release statistics and the country statistics.

That is all major work in progress ... my first goal was to get data into the database, and reporting in place (and improve the script based on feedback like above) ... improving the stats is goal two :)

(If the PHP sources and a database export were publicly
available, I would have taken a shot at implementing it.)

Antony is working on site design and such, but if you are interested in helping out with building reports, and have time, we'd be happy for the extra help :)

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