On Sun, Sep 03, 2006 at 09:44:53PM -0700, David King wrote:
> >It's time to come clean and admit that parts/most of rsync are
> >lost on me.  [...]
> >How can I automate the backup via rsync to other servers?
> Depending on the backup strategy that you want, I highly recommend  
> rsnapshot (/usr/ports/sysutils/rsnapshot <http://www.rsnapshot.org/ 
> >). It handles most of the management of retaining past backups up  
> to X days, X weeks, etc, and uses hardlinks to save space between the  
> backups. So because it uses rsync, it uses the bandwidth of an  
> incremental backup, but because it uses directory trees of hardlinks,  
> each backup is completely restorable like a full backup.

        One problem may be semantics.  I'm not certain if I want directory
        /etc/* synchronized on servers A and B, or if I just want a 
        100%-guaranteed backup ... .  Since I do 99% of stuff on
        tao, I want every other (possible) server to sync up my ~/* files
        on other machines. The build and config files I just want tar'd up
        and moved to, say, /usr/tmp/tao, /usr/tmp/sage, usr/tmp/zen, and
        so on.  This stuff is what I would like done at least daily.

        I'll look at rsnapshot.  A very big (*)++plus is that Dru
        wrote it.  That mean it's thoroughly first rate.

        Around 10 hrs sleep in three days just don' cut it.

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