On 03 Sep Chad Leigh -- Shire.Net LLC wrote:

> I am not sure about installing Solaris into an existing partition.

I remember one of the FBSD's (a RC, but still) destroying my partition
table. That's the reason I ask. I know that I don't have to use the main
option (that's for the whole disk). But if there are no problems know of
with the sol installer, than I'm a little less worried. I have no space to
backup my XP and FBSD disk parts (at the moment).

> I am not trying to get into a mud- slinging match -- both are good.

Not my intention either.. (!)

> a lot of things you normally do will be frustrating at first until you
> learn that he command flags are different on Solaris than on FreeBSD.

And that's my point. That's why I asked about good books or reading
points, and that's also the challence I'm looking for.
FreeBSD runs great. No fun anymore ;-) I have replaced linux once and
never want to go back. But finding out the dark spots and in-and-outs of a
different OS has it's .. o well, you know what I mean.

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