On Monday 04 September 2006 13:55, Perry Hutchison wrote:
> > Try to save yourself as much pain as possible. Building openoffice
> > from ports tends to fall in the category of pain.
> So it would seem :(
> I thought the whole point of the Ports Collection was to avoid this
> sort of problem.

That's the idea, and in most cases that's true. The ports system just keeps 
getting better and better. However,there are some ports that are just a pain 
to build and install. Either they can be tricky to do, they take a really 
long time, or both. OpenOffice falls in there. I'll avoid building it and use 
a pre-built package. After you install it, you'll find that it shows up for 
an update because two lines were swapped in the Makefile. Since I don't care 
to accidentally be rebuilding openoffice because of this, I have +IGNOREME 
in /var/db/pkg/en-openoffice.org-US-2.0.3, it doesn't show up as needing an 

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