On 04/09/06, stan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I'm trying to upgrade a machine, which was built only about 2 weeks agao.
portmanager reprts the following:

portmanager 0.4.1_6
FreeBSD brown.fas.com 6.1-STABLE FreeBSD 6.1-STABLE #11: Sun Sep  3
13:33:28 EDT 2006
 [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/BROWN  i386
 autoConflicts              0  autoMoved                  0
 backUp                     0  buildDependsAreLeaves      0
 forced                     0  interactive                0
 log                        1  pmMode                     0
 pristine                   0  resume                     0
 Mon Sep  4 17:31:36 2006
  linux_base-8-8.0_16                 /emulators/linux_base-8
  marked                             IGNORE
  port not installed/updated

  Mon Sep  4 17:31:37 2006
  marked                             IGNORE
  por t not installed/updated

Can anyon tell me why this port is marked ignore? Has it been superseeded?

From the port's Makefile:

DEPRECATED=     unsupported by upstream, no security support anymore

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