Well, I did that, and studied other documents as well, and have packet filters 
running right now. I also did a search of the document you suggested and it 
doesn't even have the word "close" in it, therefore, it would appear to not 
address the issue. From your reply, I'm missing something obvious here. But 
would you point it out anyway?

"Travis H." <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: On 9/4/06, Ted Johnson  wrote:
> I have many ports open for various functions, email, ftp, squid, pound,  
> various
> instances of zope, etc. Of course, all of them are libel to be  attacked.
> What does one do?

There's this thing called pf, you should really look into it.  Start with:
man pf
Then try reading the pf FAQ.

If that is too confusing, google for a basic tutorial on network security.
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