> > > If you installed programs from packages when you installed the
> > > system, you may get problems with version conflicts installing
> > > from an updated ports collection - this happens usually when the
> > > last release is getting old. In that case, maybe you should clean
> > > out the system, deinstall all packages, update ports and start
> > > again. This takes time .... but given that 6.2 is coming up.
> >
> > It would also thoroughly defeat the purpose of installing from CD!
> Not hardly. It doesn't even come close to it. 

There's likely more involved than is immediately apparent, but my
take on it is that, out of a 4-CD set, I'd be using only a small
portion of the first -- and none of the others -- if I backed out
to what sounds like a minimal install and then built everything
from online Ports.  I was planning to install a STABLE release
and stay with it, as mentioned on


rather than get on the cvsup treadmill.


> I would also like to point out that when you ask for help on
> questions@ and someone asks you a question, if you have the
> information it should be given, even if it was already posted on
> another list. I'm pretty sure that most of us don't follow all
> of the possible lists. So, even if I did follow the gnome list,
> if you said something is already posted there, that's too bad,
> I'm not about to do a lot of extra work trying to help you out.
> That's time I can put to better use working on my own equipment,
> or helping someone who will work with me to help them.

My intent was to avoid cluttering the questions@ archives with
a rather large post that would add very little value, being a
duplicate of one that is already in another list's archives:


Sorry if this was not clear.
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