This server was in production and rock steady with 4.10-STABLE for years.
Before moving it to a colo center, I took it offline and did a clean
install of 6.1, cvsup'd to STABLE on 8/30/06 and then installed the latest
stable versions of all the applications and mods.

It's now back in production and for no cause that I can find, it reboots
itself roughly twice a day.  Nothing in the syslog or console log, it
looks basically like a power event...system comes back up with uncleanly
dismounted file systems.  However, it is on very clean power, has dual
power supplies and none of the other boxes on that circuit has any pwer

On boot, I had noticed some complaints about ACPI, but I even tried
disabling it, but it still did this several hours later.

The ONLY hardware change I'd made was to remove a SCSI passthrough cable
that enabled the on-board SCSI (it's an L440GX+) to be used with an
external tape drive.

If somebody can point me in the right direction, or to the right list, I'd
greatly appreciate it!

(please reply directly, as I am not subscribed to all lists)

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