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> Okay I cant seem to figure out why sshd logins are
> stalling.  I see that 
> I am coming from an IP address that does not have
> Reverse mapping.
> So I added the lines below to
> /usr/local/etc/ssh/sshd_config
> and /etc/ssh is sym linked to /usr/local/etc/ssh
> --- snip ---
> lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel        18 Sep  4 23:01 ssh
> -> /usr/local/etc/ssh
> UseDNS no
> VerifyReverseMapping no
> ---- snip ---
> cheers,
> Noah

just a thought but if /etc/ssh is linked to
/usr/local/etc/ssh wouldn't that just cause troubles
from the ghetco? My understanding is /usr/local/etc is
for local specific configurations so that a site
specific configuration in /etc can be loaded and
appended by the stuff in /usr/local/etc. Wouldn't
symlinking one to the other force the same config
files to be loaded twice??? And if so wouldn't that
possibly confuse the daemon? Maybe I'm not entirely
clear on how all that works myself. but my
understanding is /etc is read first and then appended
by /usr/local/etc. Although I can see how this would
allow NFS to be used on diskless clients using generic
/etc while allowing system specific configurations to
be stored elsewhere and linked in as needed. I am just
under the impression that /usr/local/etc is not for
this purpose. of course I'm not the brightest tool in
the shed...

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