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Is there anything in the ports tree for reading books on the computer?
something like Tom Reader or Ice book reader for windows?

I don't know what those are, since I don't use Windows.
For ebooks, there are a variety of choices. These choices depend on
the format of the ebook. Note that PDB files are proprietary and who
know how they're specified...Which means for PDB files, I can't offer
any solution.
All this stuff is in ports:

Type of file                              Solution
-----------------                              ------------

PDF                                         epdfviewer, kpdf, gv,
xpdf, acrobat, gpdf
PostScript (PS)                        gv, ggv (?)
dvi                                           probably xdvi
chm                                         xchm
djvu                                         djvulibre, JavaDjVu

A note on djvu: although djvulibre is in /usr/ports/graphics, I could
not get the viewer (djview) to work properly. Two solutions are: 1)
grab the tarball and compile it yourself (in, say, /opt) - very simple
to do, just read the INSTALL file; 2) Install the FreeBSD official JDK
package and make your file manager use JavaDjVu associated with djvu
files - remember to move the jar (IIRC) to the directory where you
store your djvu files.

Hope this helps.
Henry Lenzi
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