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i have a couple virtual machines running freebsd 6.1-;4 on a ms vs2005
host,  and as of the moment of this writing (and for a while now
actually), they are  idling at near 0% utilization.  but during the
nights, they really get going  to the point that they ramp the cpu fan
speeds to max on the my host box!  it  takes them hours and hours to
quiet back down, sometimes not until i power  the virtual machines off
and back on again.

im wondering if the cause of these early hours cpu hogging could be
coming  from items running from periodic?  i think the daily folder is
probably the  culprit.  is there a good way to see which all scripts are
being run, what  their scheduling and priority is?  i would like to cull
out as many as i  could live without (if possible).

If you're going to do that, do it in the right way. Disable the scripts in /etc/periodic.conf. Read the man pages.

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