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Hi everyone, first let me say that I'm pretty new to bsd, so please
the newbie questions; I've been using linux (redhat, suse, centos) for
years, and so learning bsd was a bit of a learning curve, but not bad (I
almost never use gui's for administration); I was wondering if there are
packagement tools for freebsd/pcbsd that offer simular functionality to
up2date or yum; I take care of installing and updating complete rpm based
systems using yum, and have not found a tool simular to yum for freebds
also trying to stay away from pbi's, since they are specific to pcbsd);
used the pkg_add, pkg_delete, portupgrade tools, but am just looking for
easy way to ensure my entire bsd box is updated;

I personally use portupgrade and portaudit to manage my installed ports and
have no complaints. I find portupgrade  to be extremely easy to use (after
your first mistake or two ;) and use portaudit to determine if any of my
critical ports actually *need* upgrading. Though, I should mention that I've
heard others on this list who prefer portmaster over portupgrade for various
reasons. You should probably look into both and see which one suits you

You can also you security/freebsd-update to keep your base system updated
with errata fixes.

Also, as I understand it,
bsd makes use of ports, by using tools such as cvsup,

I would suggest using portsnap as is much more newb-friendly than cvsup.

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