Initial message posted on 8/24/2006:
Good morning dear FreeBSD enthusiasts.  I am attempting to install FreeBSD
6.1 on a Compaq Proliant 5000.  The computer is equipped with four Pentium
Pro processors clocked at 200 mhz and with a Smart 2/P hardware-RAID array.
The BIOS indicates that the first two processors have failed.  They are
actually okay, but there is something wrong with their socket on the

Current message:
Thank you to the two people who responded to my original message.  With
their help, I have progressed to the point of specifying the slice into
which I want the system installed.  There are three primary slices on this
computer, plus one extended slice.  The three primary slices all end within
the 1024 cylinder limit.  The two primary slices that do not contain
FreeBSD are reserved for the installation of other operating systems.  I
wish to place the swap slice/partition in the extended slice.  The fdisk
program supplied with FreeBSD  sees all of the extended slice as one slice,
and does not seem to be able to see the logical slices within it.  Most of
my 15 gb. drive is in the extended slice.  Does anyone know how to solve
this problem?  All suggestions are appreciated.  Yours truly, Lee

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