On 9/6/06, Jonathan Horne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
is it possible to have STABLE and RELENG built on a single build server?
or further, is it possible to have 5.5 and 6.1 worlds built from the same

buildworld and buildkernel targets are
fairly sophisticated.

The /usr/obj tree corresponds to the source
directory, so if you have your 5.5 sources in
and your 6.1 sources in
/src/6.1 (or /usr/src/6.1 for that matter)

the world(s) would be built in
/usr/obj/src/5.5/ and /usr/obj/src/6.1/
repsectively. (Or /usr/obj/usr/src/6.1)

If the purpose is to buildworld on one
fast machine and then export it to slower
machines on th' network, this works
admirably well.

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