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Bill Moran <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Peter wrote:
> > Another question....my mail server's IP resolves to "domain.com", I tried
>  > sending an e-mail to -questions from there but I keep getting this error:
>  > Client_host_rejected:_cannot_find_your_hostname........ so should I fix my
>  > reverse DNS to map IP to "www.domain.com" instead of "domain.com"?, if so why??
> If you're getting the error "cannot find your hostname domain.com" then what you
> have to make sure is that "domain.com" resolves to an IP address.
> You're other option is to change what sendmail (or whatever MTA you use) says
> on the HELO line to something that resolves to an IP addy.
> What happens, is whatever your mail server announces its name to be on the
> HELO line during smtp communication is checked to make sure that it resolves
> to an IP.  It doesn't matter what IP, just some IP.
> Most MTAs default to using the "hostname" configured for the machine, so if
> you set the hostname to something logical (like mail.domain.com) and the DNS
> is set up to properly reslove mail.domain.com => (or whatever)
> then everything will work.
> It's a spam measure, to stop people who haven't taken the time to set up a real
> email server from spamming the FreeBSD lists.
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        Well my qmail "me" file is correct, which does resolve [just pinged it from 
attbi].  I do not have a helohost file...but if that file is not there "me" is 
used.......well if this got thru then I guess I needed the helohost file.. me wasn't 

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