Hi All,
I have read through release notes, etc and not seen anything, but I am
wondering if there have been any changes in recent FreeBSD releases -
especially 6.xx, (but possibly 5.xx), that would affect burncd(8) and how
it works - or if it works.
I have a machine that was at about 4.11 and burned CDs on it with no
problem using burncd.  Nearly all of these were boot/install CDs - including
the one to install FreeBSD 6.1.   But immediately after installing 6.1, I
can no longer successfully burn a CD.  It seems to go through the motions
but then nothing seems to get on the CD. I would just write this off as a CD burner gone bad except I have another box
here that doesn't seem to want to burn a CD using burncd now that it has
been upgraded to 6.0 and this machine has rarely been used for making CDs.
Anyway, it is still probably a failing burner, but I want to make sure I am
not overlooking something that would account for this happening just as I
did the upgrades - actually fresh clean installs. Thanks for any information you might have, ////jerry Jerry McAllister [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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