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> On Sun, 3 Sep 2006, dick hoogendijk wrote:
>> I have a 3-part disk:
>> (a) XP for games
>> (b) FreeBSD-6.1 (my main OS)
>> (c) FreeBSD-6.1 (a backup)
>> I want to replace the third partition with solaris 10, mainly for
>> studying this OS. I burned the DVD. Will it install solaris on this
>> third partition without trouble? Will I be able to continue to use the
>> FreeBSD bootloader or do I need to isntall sol's grub?
>> The documentation on SUN and solaris is huge. Many many pdf files..
>> Are there better ways then these pdf's? Good books on solaris 10?
>> Starting points on the net? I ask here because I know lot of you guys
>> here have also installed solaris 10 (at least I remember seeing it here)
>> Hope to get some advice and reading points. I have years of experience
>> with linux and FreeBSD and like to explore new (OS) challences.
> Just out of interest: Did you install Solaris in the meantime?
> ;-)

To me, device drivers really troubled me a lot.  Windows for games is
okay.  But Solaris doesn't work well either in my laptop or my
desktop.  FreeBSD is only happy with my laptop, which now I work on.
So I install Linux in my desktop, which is my main OS.  LVM2 on top of
raid works perfectly.  And I like the portage system in Gentoo, which
resembles FreeBSD's ports system.  Sorry for this OT, but I really
think Solaris is not ready yet for my crapy hardware.


      (o o)
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