Gary Kline wrote:
>       Anybody know why getty is having such a bear of a time finding
>       a tty?  I Can't even get in.  I'm at 6.1 and logged in 
>       single-usr and have /usr mounted on /dev.  Because X expects
>       to find /usr/lib/Y in /usr I csn't use anything very complex;
>       can't poke around....
>       I very rarely touch /etc/ttys; so why is 6.1 having this 
>       tantrum??  I'm lost ....

Because getty needs access to the /dev/tty* devices in order to function?

/dev is a truly bizarre choice of mountpoint.   Why not use /mnt, which is
there solely to provide a convenient place to mount stuff?  Or -- and this
is a radical idea, I know -- why not mount the /usr filesystem on /usr?



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