Gerard Seibert wrote:
Chris Whitehouse wrote:

Dr. Jennifer Nussbaum wrote:

So now i can find out what version each port is, but that doesnt
help me know whether these are outdated, or to update them.
For that im still stuck on the Ruby core dump problem. I did reinstall portupgrade, ruby18, and the ruby-bdb thing, but sadly
i still get the same abort trap/core dump thing ive reported all
along. Is there any other way i can attack this last issue?


Have you tried portmanager (sysutils/portmanager)? The -s option just reports on what's required to upgrade.

Assuming you have a freshly updated ports tree, you could also just run
this little command:

     /usr/sbin/pkg_version -vIL=

It will display what needs to be updated very quickly. I think that
'portmanager' would be the best way to update the ports however.

Very useful and quick, but man pkg_version says the -I interrogates the INDEX file which in this case (I've lost previous posts) was corrupted or out of sync with the ports tree? In this case portmanager -s might give more accurate results even if it is a bit slow.


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