On Wed, Sep 06, 2006 at 09:48:04PM +0100, Matthew Seaman wrote:
> Gary Kline wrote:
> >     Anybody know why getty is having such a bear of a time finding
> >     a tty?  I Can't even get in.  I'm at 6.1 and logged in 
> >     single-usr and have /usr mounted on /dev.  Because X expects
> >     to find /usr/lib/Y in /usr I csn't use anything very complex;
> >     can't poke around....
> > 
> >     I very rarely touch /etc/ttys; so why is 6.1 having this 
> >     tantrum??  I'm lost ....
> Because getty needs access to the /dev/tty* devices in order to function?
> /dev is a truly bizarre choice of mountpoint.   Why not use /mnt, which is
> there solely to provide a convenient place to mount stuff?  Or -- and this
> is a radical idea, I know -- why not mount the /usr filesystem on /usr?

        WEll, it turns out that my old /etc/fstab was overwritten by
        my backup, and I had added a /var slice this time.  (The drive 
        is only a couple years old (200G), the box is 61 months old
        (was homebrew) and I cheaped out with a 40G).  

        Yes, I did wind up fsck'ing everything and mounting /usr on
        /usr:: then major progress, thank you.

        Remaining mystery is those "acpi: write failure on 0x70" 
        or whatever.  I googled around, and now that I have *grep-powers*
        I've grep'd in /boot and have some clues.  If you have spot-on
        advise, Matthew, please do share.

        Anyway, this is to the entire list:  A week or so ago
        I loaned my 5.3 set to a non-geek friend who had occasionally
        been using RH.  He brought the box of discs back and said it
        was too hard to install; that RH had a much easier installation
        process.  True.  So I gave him my old Ubuntu boot disk.  He's
        happy with it.  ---I realize how much smaller the FBSD hacker
        base is.... Still,  having a GUI-ish intro makes sense in 
        gaining new converts.  I'm still here  because this Berkeley
        distro really *is* solid.  One fatal trap in 11 years I
        can handle.
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