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> On 9/5/06, Perry Hutchison <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > > FreeBSD and Linux will not meet your teenagers needs, If you really
> > > > want to introduce your kid to UNIX then buy a Mac... trust me on
> > > > this... I interact with many high school and college kids on a daily
> > > > basis. Any used Mac capable of running Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and
> > > > NeoOffice2 will suit your childs needs perfectly:
> > > >
> > > > PowerPC G3, G4, or G5 processor.
> > > > Built-in FireWire.
> > > > 384 MB of memory.
> > > > 5 GB of disk space.
> >
> > It is less a matter of "want to introduce to Unix" than "want to
> > avoid Windoze" :) and yes, a Mac with OS X would be fine.  (My
> > college sophomore is doing just fine with a one-year-old iBook.)
> >
> > > Just keep in mind when you look for used Mac's that the Tiger OS
> > > normally on DVD ...
> > > If you can find an older copy of Panther OS it gives you lot more
> > > lattitude in what older Macs will work - it also does not require
> > > FireWire, so even the original iMacs will run it.
> >
> > Is Panther an earlier MacOS X (thus still marginally on-topic
> > here :) or it MacOS 9?  I have actually got an old PowerMAC
> > (603-based) which AFAIK won't run anything newer than 9.
> >
> Yes Panther is OS X:
> Mac OS X v10.0 (Cheetah)
> Mac OS X v10.1 (Puma)
> Mac OS X v10.2 (Jaguar)
> Mac OS X v10.3 (Panther)
> Mac OS X v10.4 (Tiger)
> Mac OS X v10.5 (Leopard) (Yet to be released)
> NeoOffice2 (NeoOffice is OpenOffice 2.x with a native mac front-end)
> requires Panther or better. Personally I would not buy anything less
> then Sawtooth G4 PowerMac. You should be able to buy a fully equipped
> sawtooth model on eBay for less then $250.

I disagree.  You can buy a Power Mac G3 for under $80 and buy a new
IDE hard disk for it and run Panther on it and it will run all the stuff you
want.  And the seller will probably include a pirated version of Panther
if you ask or even the actual install disks.  Why line the pockets of some
Macophile on Ebay who thinks his old junk is worth more than $100.

> The best bang for your buck
> would be a new refurbished Intel Mac mini for $519.

Baloney.  You can get a -brand new- mini mac for $30 more:


why mess around with some refurbished mac?

> A used G4 Mac mini in the $300~$400 range would also be good bed
> because all mini's have USB 2.0, it's very easy to expand them using
> external drives.

No it would not because the hard disk is going to be used and if it
does not crap out in a year it's going to be dog-slow.

If your going to go cheap - get the absolute minimum you can find
for the cheapest price.  Otherwise, get brand new.  Trying to mess
around with a price-point somewhere between new and dog-cheap
is just going to waste your money.


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