After cvsupping my ports tree to fix a couple of security problems I decided to install cups for printing.

Yea I know it isnt the freebsd default -- thats for another day.

Anyway This new version of cups 1.2.2 is really cool, I like the interface and the web admin portal has really undergone lots of work.

My problem is that when you add a printer via the web interface the devices pull-down does not show a parallel port even if the system has detected that there is a printer there. (ie dmesg shows the printer discovery)

so where is the parallel port?

I asked on the cups list, and got nowhere.

I googled for it, but didn't get anything helpful

here is what I know:

An older version of cups on THIS same machine DID find the SAME printer.

there is a parallel option in the back-ends directory.

I cant find a log entry anywhere that suggests that a parallel port printer is even being searched for and not found, so I can't be for sure where exactly the problem lies.

anybody seen this behavior before? or have a clue?



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