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Jeff Rollin wrote:
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>> Hi list,
>> I'm wondering whether FreeBSD is able to support reading (at least, but
>> preferably also writing) Linux LVM volumes? I have an itch to try
>> FreeBSD on
>> a desktop but all my data is in a Linux LVM.
>> Is it possible?
>> TIA,
>> Jeff Rollin
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> No answers for two days; I can take that as a "no," then, can I?
> Oh well, there's always VMPlayer
> Proud Linux user since 1998
As far as i'm aware FreeBSD doesnt support Linux LVM (it uses vinum
and/or gvinum, dont know much about it as never used it)
Freebsd Runs fine as a guest OS in Xen apparently which might be better
for you as VMWare player needs a vmware image (easy to find on google I
expect but still..) and you dont get to play with the installer that way

Thanks for the pointers. As an aside, are you worried about the legality of
VMWare images in VMPlayer? I don't think they're an issue (at least with
FOSS OS's such as *BSD), since iirc VMware provide links to OS images on
their websites (including, I believe, PC- and Free-BSD).

Jeff Rollin
Proud Linux user since 1998
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