Perry Hutchison writes:
Having gotten a sufficiently-recent version of glib, I am now
several hours into the build of OpenOffice, and I've discovered
that Firefox has quit working. When I try to start it:
GThread-ERROR **: file gthread-posix.c: line 187 (): error 'Invalid argument' 
during 'pthread_mutex_trylock'
Abort trap (core dumped)
Of course, since it won't start up, I can't consult Help/About
to find out the version :(  but based on /var/db/pkg I think it is
I suppose Firefox and OpenOffice are tripping over each other WRT
the version of some shared library, but I thought the whole point
of having version numbers on shared libs was to prevent that sort
of problem.
Does anyone have Firefox and OpenOffice coexisting on a single
system?  How is it accomplished?

Yes, I have both on FreeBSD 6.1.
I didn't do anything special.   I just built them both from ports.
I had to get the jdk thing from Sun for OpenOffice first due to the
license restrictions from Sun which is annoying.   But it is easy and
straightforward.   Then I just make make install on each of Firefox,
Thunderbird and openoffice and after a long time they were all there
and worked.   I made OpenOffice be the WP for Firefox to bring up to
handle .doc and maybe a couple of other file types and that works fine too.
I did cvsup everything (system and ports tree) to the latest before
getting started with doing ports installations.   That might make a
difference. ////jerry
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