On Thu, Sep 07, 2006 at 01:34:08PM -0400, Tom Ierna wrote:
> Hello, list.
> For the purposes of ease of software and hardware management, I'm  
> attempting to run a set of PXE-booted Client machines as web/db or  
> mail servers.
> The NFS/DHCP/YP servers are running on a 5.4-STABLE Server. I mostly  
> followed the PXE guide when building these systems.
> All of the disk (except for swap) sits on the master Server (which  
> has a bunch of external drive sleds), and all of the Client machines  
> boot via Gig-E.
> Client machines are running 5.4-STABLE as well, but it is not  
> compiled with the same kernel configuration as the master Server, as  
> the hardware is slightly different. Client machines share userland  
> with the Server.
> At the moment I have one Client machine running about 40 domains of  
> web and db, with reasonably low traffic (less than 3Mbit/sec total)  
> and one Client machine booted from the master Server, but not doing  
> anything.
> Resource utilization on the master Server seems pretty low.
> Sporadically, there appear to be stalls on some locks with rpc.lockd.  

rpc.lockd is unreliable in all versions of FreeBSD (although it may be
worse in 5.x), see the mailing list archives for extensive discussion
of this.  Try turning it off and using mount_nfs -L instead to fake
the lock traffic (See the manpage).


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