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> > > Yes, the lack of documentation is a shame.
> > 
> > In Windows, yes. In FreeBSD I can't see a lack.
> You are kidding right. I can find vastly more
> documentation available for a win32 machine than for
> FBSD. In fact, the lact of documentation is one of
> the
> reasons that support groups like this evolved. To my
> great dismay, I am forced to search for and then
> download documentation via the web. Even then, that
> is
> often dated. Not anyones fault, it is just the way
> it
> goes.
> > > The same lack of documentation
> > > plagues every facet of software today.
> > 
> > No it doesn't. FreeBSD is well documented.
> It is above average, I will agree. However, if it
> were
> really perfect then this forum would not exist. 

No, it is forums like this that help improve the
documentation in general. And hopefully give the basic
outline when things are solved to allow documentation
to be written. Just like Microsofts Forum for their
MCSE people.

> > 
> > However, you have made my point.
> > 
> > No I haven't. I have contradicted your point. You
> > said " A very large
> > majority of users simply want to use their PCs for
> > email, occasional word
> > processing and possible game playing." I am saying
> > that using XP as you
> > suggested is not as easy as you suggest for a very
> > large number of people.
> If that were true, MS would not rule 90+ percent of
> the PCs in use today. 

if they didn't make OEM pc manufacturers sign
contracts REQUIRING they distribute MS-DOS/Windows or
loose their OEM status to deal microsoft products this
number would likey be a lot smaller. Probably with
Warp or Linux as its major competitor.

>Why do you think users in
> third
> rate countries pirate MS when they could get FBSD
> for
> free? 

Doom3? Maybe just because they can make money doing
it, that is the usual motivation for theifs. That and
a license in a country like Argentina (per our
Argentinian friends in the forum) costs on the order
of $1000 US dollars.

>I would not want to insult anyone; however, if
> you cannot install an MS operating system then
> perhaps
> you should consider another hobby. Even my wife's
> sister can handle that project, and that is a woman
> who considers a can opener a high tech device.

Installing is simple, making a restorable backup with
included utilities of the whole system is next to
impossible. Even with Sysinstall... Nothing more fun
then having a Microsoft unintended installation fail,
only to reboot and restart and having it magically
work fine.

> Please do me one favor, do not CC me. I am
> continually
> getting two copies of these. I subscribe to the
> list.
> I don't send you duplicate copies and therefore
> would
> appreciate the same cutesy. Perhaps my address was
> already inserted by a previous poster. If so, please
> do remove it.
> Thank You!

your welcome I think, I did delete the CC...
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> White Hat 

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