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On Sep 7, 2006, at 4:58 PM, g wrote:
> i'm sorry what is top posting?


A: Putting the reply above the question.
Q: What is top posting?


Q: What is the preferred way to exchange email on the FreeBSD lists?
A: Quote what you reply to [1], then put your response or answer


> if it is offensive, i certainly don't mean to do it.

No harm done.
It's just much easier to follow conversations on the mailing list
when people do not top-post.


[1]: And if there is a lot of content, trim all but a relevant
paragraph or two,
rather than quoting hundreds of lines in order to add a one-line

Perhaps attempts should also be made to point out to new users that the
people who answer FreeBSD lists (not that I'm singling out FreeBSD) answer
questions and make suggestions without ceremony; and that though this
practice may come off as "rudeness", it's often (hopefully never) meant that

Jeff Rollin.

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