On Wed, Jan 08, 2003 at 11:29:11PM -0500, J. Seth Henry wrote:
> I have noticed that my Compaq IA-1's (AMD K6-2/266 & VIA chipset) run
> substantially hotter under FreeBSD than under Linux. I didn't realize just
> how much until the machines began spontaneously rebooting under load.
> Right now, I have a minimal 4.7R install (with X) running from a
> microdrive - but I don't have problems until I start running X for long
> periods of time. I am migrating from Midori linux with kernel rev 2.4.18,
> and it can go for weeks (even months) running xmms locally. Just
> windowing xmms from another machine will cause spontanous reboots under
> FreeBSD.
> It doesn't appear to be a kernel panic - this machine has a thermal
> protection circuit which will hold the system in reset if it gets too
> warm, and so far, nothing has shown up in the logs (beyond the usual
> startup message regarding / being unmounted improperly). This leads me to
> believe that FreeBSD isn't issuing halts when it is idle, or the CPU is
> simply "idle" less. I have noticed that FreeBSD accesses the microdrive a
> *lot* (though Linux may be as well, but I can't hear it because it's
> running from flash)

Try the ports/sysutils/fvcool port ---

Using it has cut the average CPU temperature on my system from about
70C to about 50C.



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