hackmiester (Hunter Fuller) writes:
I'm old school. Back in my day, we didn't have the Internet we have today, and our UNIX boxes could mail over the network we had strung. I don't care what mail app I use. I just want to be able to have two boxes, boxbox and snowy, for example, and be able to 'mail boxbox' from snowy and vice versa. This has to be on a system-wide basis, so people on my shell server can do it easily. Any ideas? A quick tutorial?
hackmiester (Hunter Fuller)

If you have some network connection between the two boxes (and any others)
Just follow the handbook and set up sendmail on each.   If you do not want
Email from anywhere else, then set it up to accept mail connections only
from those two boxen.
You don't need any of the other fancy stuff out there unless you see some
feature that you just gotta have.

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