On Sat, 9 Sep 2006, Matthew Seaman wrote:

Marc G. Fournier wrote:

Granted, but, after talking to Matt @ DragonFly, based on the fact that
DragonFly doesn't have a port to AMD64 (it was a fork of FreeBSD 4.x)
I've removed China/India/Korea from the list as 'overly suspicious
numbers' ... :(

Ah well.  I guess there will be a slight delay in the inevitable onward
march of *BSD World Domination...

Total hosts reporting in so far in September is ~3x what did in August ... the numbers are growing quite well ... eventually, the hope is that 'false numbers' like that won't be near as obvious, since they will be a small percentage of the overall ...

Maybe they *were* legit, maybe someone in Korea did an AMD64 port of Dragonfly and hasn't submitted patches *shrug*

For those that are accusing bsdstats of being a "pissing match" ... I'm personally tired of watching Linux get all the support when, IMHO, the *BSDs are the better system ... the point of bsdstats is to show ppl that do not support the *BSDs (native Flash plugin anyone?) that their is a market they are missing out on ...

There are currently ~2800 hosts out there that agree with that, and growing ...

If by adding the other *BSDs to the stats adds competition between us, so be it ... same with the Country stats ... so be it ... it is (or should be) a healthy competition ... I don't grimace when someone tells me they are running one of the other BSDs, but I do when someone tells me they are running Linux ...

Will it result in fakers screwing around with the numbers? Definitely, but over time, the hope is that they will become a statistically insignificant number within the overall stats ...

If someone out there has a suggestion on how to man 'faking it' even harder, I'm definitely all ears though ...

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