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On Wed, Jan 08, 2003 at 11:29:11PM -0500, J. Seth Henry wrote:
I have noticed that my Compaq IA-1's (AMD K6-2/266 & VIA chipset) run
substantially hotter under FreeBSD than under Linux. I didn't realize just
how much until the machines began spontaneously rebooting under load.
It doesn't appear to be a kernel panic - this machine has a thermal
protection circuit which will hold the system in reset if it gets too
warm, and so far, nothing has shown up in the logs (beyond the usual
startup message regarding / being unmounted improperly). This leads me to
believe that FreeBSD isn't issuing halts when it is idle, or the CPU is
simply "idle" less. I have noticed that FreeBSD accesses the microdrive a
*lot* (though Linux may be as well, but I can't hear it because it's
running from flash)
Try the ports/sysutils/fvcool port ---

Using it has cut the average CPU temperature on my system from about
70C to about 50C.
I don't know if including

options CPU_SUSP_HLT

in your kernel will help fvcool work even better, but you might try it. I was using CPU_SUSP_HLT in my kernel; adding fvcool drops the average temp of my XP1800+ from 50C to 36C.

The other thing to do, depending on whether you can take the machines offline (how many are there?), is to get a better heatsink and fan properly mounted on the CPU, and determine whether you can improve internal ventilation with case fans.


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