In trying to restore my original main box, since I'm running
        6.1, packages are now available.  A few days ago I began
        portupgradingg stuff.  kde-lite and gnome2-lite among them.
        Turns out that several packages were 'not available' and 
        my build-state  was/is askew.  I've gone back to compiling
        everything from src.  I tried building only just the missing 
        packages, but got errs and the portupgrade -fkPP was not

        rsync capabilities and auto tar'ing of major config files
        is undergoing.  (In fact, if 6.1 has a fatal trap, I'm
        prepared for it.)   But having a strategy of upgrading ports
        on my other [5.x] servers, and on my new 6.1 would be 
        *beyond* nice.  Is there any consensus?


   Gary Kline     [EMAIL PROTECTED]     Public service Unix

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